Psymposia Report: New Website Details Abuse Allegations Against German Psychedelic Practitioners

A new website — — alleges that Joe Schraube and Miguel Delgado have taken advantage of positions of power and abused people under the influence of psychedelics.

Pictured: Joe Schraube (left) and Miguel Delgado (right)

On November 10, 2021, a group of concerned individuals published the website,, detailing alleged misconduct and harms caused by two men involved in the German psychedelic scene: Joe Schraube and Miguel Delgado (also known as Miguel Martinez).

Delgado, who leads psychedelic retreats that he describes as “entheogen sexual balancing,” appears to be creating his own retreat space in Mexico and has allegedly abused a number of clients. Schraube — who has been involved in a number of European psychedelic organizations including Psychedelic Society Germany  has been accused of using psychedelics and his positions of power to coerce women into sexual relations. Schraube has also promoted Delgado’s retreats and created a campaign attempting to discredit an individual who came forward about Delgado’s abusive behavior.

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