PsyTech Summit 2020, taking place on October 27th.

PsyTech is excited to announce its upcoming PsyTech Summit 2020, taking place on October 27th. This will be a one-day, international event bringing together decision makers, investors, clinicians, thought leaders, and advocates for the purpose of advancing psychedelics science, business, and reform. The Summit will cater to thousands of virtual attendees as well as live guests at select city hubs across four continents.

For our upcoming Summit, PsyTech’s vision is a spirited high-level global discussion that integrates decades of psychedelics science, medicinal scholarship, and exciting emerging innovations with a growing number of professionals interested in the sector.

Register at.–WEn83tC4lu4PxVcYu0cThZQzd6rFG0xYZrRzQ7gnzQE4T6wuLlw05-RUA8jlnpY3NeSS8oCy0zbgwuA8Gec5nLf_68Q&utm_content=93102859&utm_source=hs_email

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