Queensland company secures first legal import of Cannabis from South America into Australia

South America into Australia
Australian multinational healthcare organisation Gamma Biomedical, in partnership with Colombian licensed cannabis cultivation company Pharmacol, have joined forces to become the first organisations in Australian history to successfully import illicit medication into the country for medicinal purposes.
The first shipment of Sol Cannabis has now landed on Australian shores after many years of extensive negotiations with the South American country.
Daniel Tyshynski, Founder and Director of Gamma Biomedical, said this historical and ground-breaking milestone is the result of almost ten years’ experience in running his successful drug manufacturing company, combined with his incredible business partnership with Pharmacol, who handle operations on the ground in Columbia.
“Everything we have done at Gamma Biomedical over the past ten years has really been building towards this moment, which is having the finished Sol Cannabis product literally in our hands on Australian shores,” said Dan.
“Gamma Biomedical started in 2014 with allergy immunotherapy products under our biomedical umbrella. We make custom compounded subcutaneous vaccines for desensitization as well as custom compounded sublingual vaccines,” he said.
“Working with my older brother Greg in South Florida we launched Isospec CBD oil and were the first company to create flavoured CBD oils. This involved unique manufacturing compounding to get the most efficacious products within Australian medical regulations. We were also the first healthcare company to create topical preparations for CBD,” he said.
Being an early adopter in the cannabis oil industry paved the way into the South American market and led to Dan’s meeting with Carlos Hernandez from Pharmacol and ultimately, the incredible discovery of the world-class production complex in Finca la Esmeralda.
The breathtaking cannabis farm is in the Tayrona National Natural Park region between the Sierra Nevada and Santa Marta in Colombia. This area is recognized for its unique biodiversity, water springs, and ancestral connection to the Kogui tradition.
“This is the only farm in the region that has agricultural approval to use a certain amount of water from the Sierra Nevada mountain range and through the National Park, so the water filtration is all natural. Compost and fertilizer are made on site at the farm by local tribes from the mountains. The product is all natural with no chemical usage,” said Dan.
“The cannabis is hand-trimmed instead of using machines, which most other companies do. Cultivating the cannabis is a labour of love for the local people, who are so lovely and really have a special place in my heart,” he said.
Sol Cannabis is grown with two flower strains, Northern Lights and Blueberry.
Northern Lights is our most potent strain and is a world-renowned favourite of cannabis enthusiasts. This 95% Indica dominant strain, formerly known as CI #5 F1, is highly sought after by growers and patients alike.
Blueberry is a famous Indica hybrid with a strong genetic backbone. It is a three-way cross between an Indica Afghani, Sativa Thai and Purple Thai variants. While it is generally known as an Indica, it also has 20% Sativa content. The long history of the strain goes back to the late 1970s when American breeder DJ Short was working with a variety of exotic landrace strains – strains that developed and evolved in the wild without human interference. His eventual finished strain was dubbed Blueberry for its clear and consistent flavour of fresh blueberries
In Australia, cannabis (THC) is a controlled substance and can only be prescribed by a General Practitioner to treat specific medical indications.
If you are a physician or patient looking for more information on medicinal cannabis, please visit the Therapeutic Goods Administration website.
Sol Cannabis is currently available at Astrid Dispensary, a female-led farm dispensary in Victoria. Dispensing pharmacies throughout Australia will receive stock over the coming months.
Many distributors around the country are on the waitlist to receive product and are eager for the next crop to arrive on Australian shores.
About Gamma Biomedical
Gamma Biomedical is a multinational healthcare company founded in 2014 and headquartered in Queensland, Australia. Our primary goal as an organization is to provide niche pharmaceutical products to healthcare providers and their patients. To achieve this, we work with industry leaders and innovators locally and abroad to deliver only the highest quality products, accompanied by unparalleled service.
Gamma Biomedical holds a variety of medical wholesale licenses that cover the broad gamut of scheduled medicines in Australia. We have extensive, multi-year, experience with international health regulations and logistics, ensuring legal compliance and smooth supply chains.
Combining technology with advances in health information science, has been a major driver for growth. In addition to our extensive product research and development, we also provide healthcare professionals with online portals, allowing for efficiency, transparency and confidence across the ordering process.
The umbrella of products under the Gamma Biomedical offering include Gamma Allergy, Isospec and Sol Cannabis.
Further information on cannabis (THC) in Australia can be found on the Therapeutic Goods Administration website.

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