Quick Tips To Take Your Cannabis Experience To The Next Level

The journey with weed is different for everyone, but one thing is common- it’s incredible for all in its own way. It’s great to graduate from the beginner status and become a seasoned cannabis user. As you get more experienced with time, your expectations also change. You want things to get bigger and better with every session. Thankfully, taking your cannabis experience to the next level isn’t rocket science, provided that you take the right approach. Here are some quick tips that can help you get ones that are better than your expectations.

Assess your tolerance level

If you have been on cannabis, you will probably know how much works for you. Before you think about crossing to the next level, it makes sense to assess your current cannabis tolerance level. Consider maintaining a journal and noting your experience with different products. Record details about dosage, duration of high, and the time it took to kick in. Also, note how you felt during these sessions.

Move to high-THC strains

The simplest way to elevate your high is by moving to a high-THC strain. Since this is the psychoactive cannabinoid that brings the kick, increasing its intake will do the trick. Some research on weed strains and products is a good way to start. You can also go through the product labels to check the THC percentages. It is a good idea to ask a budtender for a better understanding of numbers, and you will be able to read them independently with some practice.

Switch to concentrates

While going big on THC helps, you can also consider switching to a different form of consumption to take the experience a notch higher. Moving to Cannabis concentrates has obvious benefits because these products deliver more with less. Concentrates come in different forms such as hash, shatter, wax and oil. Check the options and consider the THC levels to pick one that works for you.

Exercise after a session

If you aren’t keen to go high with THC content or try a different product, a simple step can get you the kick you want. Studies indicate that exercise stimulates the endocannabinoid system, so you can expect the high to go higher by pumping up your muscles or just going out for a jog after a session. Just get moving, and you will feel the cannabis boost without doing much!

Take a break

Surprisingly, seasoned users and budtenders suggest that taking a short break from cannabis can take your next experiences a long way ahead. Consider taking a week off, even if it sounds like a challenge. The effort is worthwhile because you will feel the effects getting stronger and higher even with the same potency or product. A tolerance break is also good from a health perspective.

Moving to the next level is always a reason to celebrate, more so if it is about becoming a seasoned cannabis user. The best part is that you need not do much to achieve what you want, just follow these steps, and you are good to go!

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