Redwood City plans to open up to six cannabis stores

The Mercury News reports that Plan commissioners voted 5-1 to move forward with the plan, but some are hesitant about downtown dispensaries..

Despite some hesitation, planning commissioners have agreed that the city council should allow up to six cannabis businesses to open in Redwood City — a move that would create a cannabis oasis on the Peninsula.

The 5-1 decision on Tuesday comes two weeks after the city council expressed support during a study session for expanding access to the popular drug in a region that has historically restricted it but become more welcoming over the past decade to the nascent industry.

The plan the commission agreed on would allow dispensaries to open virtually anywhere in the city zoned for commercial and industrial uses as long as they are at least 600 feet away from residences and schools. At the same time, the commission noted that downtown might not be the best place for a dispensary.

Still, Redwood City residents appear to want dispensaries to open up. Some 66.2 of Redwood City voters  approved Proposition 64 — the Nov. 2016 ballot measure that legalized marijuana in California. And in 2018, a local cannabis tax measure was approved by 78.69 percent of Redwood City voters.

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