Resource: Montana Adult Use Ballot Proposal PDF For Nov 2020 Vote

Montana voters are to  decide in November if they wish to regulate adult-use marijuana, and if they do, the market will be one of a shrinking number that allow only in-state residents to comprise the industry.

Here’s the proposal..

\BALLOT LANGUAGE FOR INITIATIVE NO. 190 (I-190) INITIATIVE NO. 190 A LAW PROPOSED BY INITIATIVE PETITION I-190 legalizes the possession and use of limited amounts of marijuana for adults over the age of 21. I-190 requires the Department of Revenue to license and regulate the cultivation, transportation, and sale of marijuana and marijuana-infused products and to inspect premises where marijuana is cultivated and sold. It requires licensed laboratories to test marijuana and marijuana-infused products for potency and contaminants. I-190 establishes a 20% tax on nonmedical marijuana. 10.5% of the tax revenue goes to the state general fund, with the rest dedicated to accounts for conservation programs, substance abuse treatment, veterans’ services, healthcare costs, and localities where marijuana is sold. I-190 allows a person currently serving a sentence for an act permitted by I-190 to apply for resentencing or an expungement of the conviction. I-190 prohibits advertising of marijuana and related products


If you need a precis MJ Biz have had a quick look at the doc and highlighted all the key points

Montana recreational marijuana ballot measure would allow only local operators


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