Sacramento: Cannabis Enforcement Officers Raid “Clothes Store”, Actually Front For Illegal Cannabis Sellers Allege Authorities

Here’s the Fox 40 Report.

SACRAMENTO — An early Wednesday evening marijuana raid at a Sacramento County store started with more than 20 people detained, lined up and questioned.

The Trap was advertised as a clothing shop but cannabis enforcement officers told FOX40 it was a front where pot vendors sold and sampled their products without licenses.

“They do get the wrong idea about the things that go on here,” said Mario Chavez, who was detained.

Chavez and others likened what goes on inside The Trap to a farmers market or a tradeshow for medical marijuana in different forms. Chavez claimed most people thought it was all legit.

“Modern-day hippies, peace, love and happiness, so why are (they) harassing us? Sitting outside for three hours,” Chavez said.

“I don’t know about the legal aspects. I just come here because it was cheap,” said a customer.

The customer claimed he went to the Florin Road store once a week for medical cannabis to treat his tuberculosis. It’s one of the only places he said sells marijuana products he can afford.

Cannabis enforcement officers told FOX40 the warrant for the raid came from the Department of Consumer Affairs, which regulates legal cannabis business statewide. A spokesperson for the DCA did not return calls made by FOX40.

An officer said no one at The Trap had a license to operate or sell medical marijuana.

All the money and pot confiscated will be seized by law enforcement.

Officers did not say how many people were cited in the raid.


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