Scotland: First Minister Nicola Sturgeon Says “Cannabis is not a harmless substance…I am not in favour of general decriminalization”

5 May 2016

First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon covered a range of topics during a recent press conference and even went so far as to elaborate on her stance and opinion on cannabis. “Cannabis is not a harmless substance,” said Sturgeon, “I am not in favour of general decriminalization, but I do think there is a specific case for medicinal use.” She cited the use of Sativex, a derivative of cannabis that is licensed in the United Kingdom for use in treating multiple sclerosis. Former Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill spoke last year in favor of relaxing laws around low-level drug possession offenses, but no decisions were made.

There’s a little more detail at the Scottish Courier Post

Nicola Sturgeon backs cannabis for medicinal use


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