Scottish patients suffering from chronic pain will soon get the chance to legally use medical cannabis to treat their symptoms.

Sapphire Medical Clinic, which originally launched the UK’s first medical marijuana clinic in London last summer, is now opening Scotland’s first cannabis center. This new clinic, based in Aberdeen, will allow patients to visit doctors who are experienced with using medical cannabis to treat symptoms of chronic pain.

“We are proud to be opening the first clinic in Scotland and have already seen first-hand how medical cannabis is transforming lives,” said Dr. Mikael Sodergren, the clinic’s Managing Director and Academic Lead, to the Scottish Sun. “It means patients in Scotland will now have access to world-class experts in managing their condition, who also have expertise in medical cannabis.”

“Sapphire operates to the highest standards of clinical governance so patients can be confident that any prescription of medical cannabis will be done as part of a rigorous and safe process,” said Dr. Michael Platt, lead pain doctor at Sapphire’s Aberdeen location.