Secaucus Town Council NJ Says No To Cannabis

Just another example of towns in Jersey not liking what they are being told by the state government. Will the pattern repeat in New York as they kick their plans into action.

The Hudson Reporter writes

At a special meeting, just days before the state deadline, the Secaucus Town Council voted to adopt an ordinance prohibiting recreational cannabis establishments.

Municipalities across New Jersey had until Aug. 21 to make a decision on whether or not to prohibit recreational cannabis establishments. If the deadline passes, and a municipality does not act, all recreational cannabis establishments will automatically be permitted under state laws.

While the council was set to hold a public hearing on the matter at its July meeting, it did not act on the ordinance pending further approval from the planning board. The council got its approval and passed the ordinance at its special meeting on August 18.

Saying no, for now

The ordinance prohibits all cannabis establishments, except for delivery services located outside of town.

The only exception would be medical cannabis establishments. Secaucus is home to what is thought to be the only medical cannabis dispensary in Hudson County: Harmony Dispensary.

According to Town Administrator Gary Jeffas, the ordinance is essentially a placeholder. The idea is that these ordinances prohibiting the establishments will uphold the status quo while municipalities work out the details of what establishments they would permit, if any at all.

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