Should You Give Cannabis to Your Cat?

We wouldn’t be !  “Cats are absolutely not small dogs and they metabolize things very differently. Cats can’t take any of the drugs that dogs take for pain. Their livers just don’t tolerate it.” says Amanda Howland, founder of ElleVet a new company looking to develop CBD products for cats

Howland adds (and is great to see that they are actually trying to research things properly)

That said, if cats are given pain relievers developed for dogs, they can get very sick. She added, “There are very few pain options for cats that are safe. So we did a long-term safety study to determine that [our products] are safe for cats.”

From trials testing on dogs too, the company found that cannabinoid medicine works better on cats than dogs in treating anxiety. Like in dogs, they also saw decreases in arthritis pain from the drug. As the half-life of hemp oil in cats is just two hours, cats need more frequent dosing than their canine counterparts.

Although in its infancy, cannabis studies focusing on therapeutics for cats are gaining more interest from cannabis researchers around the world. Meanwhile, ElleVet currently has a cat study underway to assess how cannabinoids may relieve pain, as well as another to see whether they can reduce anxiety levels in cats with chronic urinary tract infections. 

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