Signs That You Should Switch To Vaping For Prescription Cannabis


Cannabis has remarkable healing properties that you may very well be aware of, but do you know which product is the best for you? Perhaps not, because you’re reading this blog! But there’s no need to rush as discovering your favorite product is as intimate a journey as finding your favorite strain. 

Unique to each of our preferences, there are thousands of CBD products in Santa Cruz available both for medical as well as recreational use. However, today, we’re going to cover some signs for medical cannabis users who may wish to switch products and try something new. Vaping CBD is one of the easiest ways to get the most out of concentrated oil, especially if you have chronic conditions. Here are five signs that you need to switch to a cannabinoid vape!

  • You’re above the age of 18: Prescribing CBD medication to minors is highly restricted, which means there are limited ways in which it can be administered. However, the federal law makes it legal for those over 18 years of age to move to other kinds of methods other than oils, topicals, and capsules. If you have recently turned 18 and would like to switch to a different means of consuming prescription cannabis, vaping is an option available to you which takes lesser time to show its effects.

  • You haven’t been getting results with other products: The more you use other products that are ingestion based, the more you realize that the time taken for your body to react to the medication is not proportional. It could also lead to you taking stronger doses than necessary, which is not a great overall practice. Instead, try a vape from a reputed dispensary Santa Cruz residents trust. These devices utilize the respiratory system to disperse CBD molecules through freshly oxygenated blood. It makes a great change in terms of the reaction time.

  • Smoking strains are harsh on your lungs: If you have been using a blunt to consume cannabis for adult ADHD, PTSD, depression, and anxiety, there are chances that the smoke would be harsh on your lungs. Rather than braving the prescription, why not move to something easier? Get a vape to try out how easily the smoke can be ingested without any of the harshnesses to your vocal cords.

  • You need a portable means: If you’re constantly on the go and can’t afford to use any other means of consuming CBD like direct strains and edibles, vaping is the best way. It is easy to carry, sanitary, and disposable- making life hassle-free.

  • You know your concentration: Once you are aware and comfortable with the concentration and strength of the cannabinoid you consume, switching to a vape is better. This is because you get vapes in varying concentrations and can save a lot of money on the device.


Wrapping Up:

Now that you know how vaping can make a better choice for you, when are you planning to switch? Make sure to read up on our blogs regarding the types of vapes and how to go about vaping!

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