Singer, Actor & Fierce Medical Cannabis Advocate Olivia Newton John Dies

As a child of the 1970’s a cultural icon we loved to hate at the time, Olvia Newton John has passed away.

Anybody with a modicum of knowledge about the world of cannabis will know that she was a fearless advocate of medical cannabis as part of cancer treatment.

All we can say is thankyou a 1000 times over  and, the chills, they are multiplying……

As Leafly say..

Don’t let Sandra Dee fool you, Dame Olivia Newton-John was a fan of that good green.

In light of her recent passing from breast cancer, the award-winning movie star and musical hitmaker also leaves behind a legacy of medical marijuana advocacy. Newton-John openly supported the legalization of medical cannabis in both her native Australia and the US, where she had lived for over 40 years.

She was chronically unapologetic about her personal consumption.

The film role that made her a legend: Olivia Newton-John starred as Sandy in the 1977 smash hit musical, “Grease.” (AP Photo/Nick Ut, File)

“Medicinal cannabis is something that should be available to everyone who is going through a chronic illness or [has] pain,” she told Australian Who magazine, per The Daily Mail. She was so passionate, in fact, that the Grease star held meetings with policymakers, spoke at conferences about legalization, and poured her resources into funding plant medicine and cancer research.

She was a proud medical marijuana patient

In 2019, Newton-John shared with Good Housekeeping how important cannabis was to managing her cancer symptoms; she was first diagnosed in 1992, and most recently in 2017. Like many patients, even with legal access, she was hesitant to try cannabis due to stigma. But her husband, Amazon Herb Company founder John Easterling, convinced her to give it a go. Fun fact, they met while on an ayahuasca retreat in Peru.

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