Smoking CBD Flower vs Ingesting Tincture: Which is Better?

The cannabis flower is becoming more popular by the day in various cities across the U.S. and Europe. Since its legalization in different countries, many products have emerged, with the smokable ones being the most favored. However, there are alternative ways of consuming cannabis products available for medical purposes. The methods differ in their duration, onset, absorption mechanism, and effect. Since it is hard to pick between smoking the CBD flower and ingesting tincture, this article provides you with the necessary information to help you make up your mind. 

Psychoactive Effect of CBD

Some people may advise against any kind of administration of CBD in fear of its psychoactive effects because the flower comes from the cannabis plant, from which marijuana is extracted. They believe that smoking, inhaling, or ingesting the CBD will get them high and unable to perform their normal tasks. However, this is not true as the flower is used for pain relief as opposed to the THC that causes drowsiness and the rest of the effects of marijuana. 

CBD oil is also used for easing anxiety and depression in people suffering from chronic mental disorders. Recent research proved that it could tone down the seizures in children and adults with seizure-related syndromes. Before you Shop cbd oil, we would suggest you to research more about it so you can choose the right oil according to your needs.

Smoking CBD

For any drug to reach your circulatory system with its maximum intensity, it should be administered intravenously. Other methods lead to incomplete absorption either because of food or secretions that break down the compound. For instance, edible CBD gets metabolized in the liver before reaching circulation. As a result, the onset is slower, and the effect is less intense. On the other hand, some studies showed that smoking increases the bioavailability of the medication. 

Smoking is one of the most efficient drug delivery methods as the drug goes directly to the bloodstream from the lungs. Furthermore, the effects can be felt after 3 minutes of consumption because that’s the time the CBD takes to reach the plasma. Even though the bioavailability of smoking is optimum, its intensity differs according to the duration, time between the puffs, and the inhalation volume. 

Side Effects of Smoking

Some people have concerns about smoking because of the bad effects it has on the lungs. That is true for cigarettes or tobacco because they contain harmful substances that affect the respiratory system. Even though the studies on smoking hemp CBD flower are inconclusive, the published research proves that it is not intoxicating nor harmful. However, some consumers reported experiencing respiratory irritation after long-term inhalation of cannabis, especially with unadulterated CBD.

Tincture Ingestion

If you are not aware of the nature of tincture, it is a liquid CBD that is derived from alcohol extraction. This compound is concentrated and administered sublingually (under the tongue). It is available in numerous flavors and potencies and should be taken according to your case. Since it will be in contact with numerous blood capillaries below the tongue, it has a rapid onset. You will feel the effects of the CBD after almost fifteen minutes, and it lasts for around three hours.

The thin mucosa inside the oral cavity aids in the absorption of the drug. It also allows for consistent dosing because you will use the same dropper and number of drops. Make sure to keep it in contact with the mucosa for as long as possible to maximize the effects. Swallowing the drops will be pointless because the CBD will pass through the gastrointestinal tract and lose most of its intensity by the time it reaches the bloodstream. If you don’t need its maximum effect, consider adding the drops to your favorite drink, such as coffee. 



Before ingesting tincture, you should know that it can be diluted in different solutions. Every solution has its own points of weaknesses and strengths. For instance, you can dilute CBD in alcohol, vegetable glycerin as soy, olive oil, which gives better taste, or medium-chain-triglycerides. MCT leads to better absorption of CBD owing to the solution’s fatty nature. 

Consumption Management

Sometimes people want to reach the maximum amount of relief that cannot be achieved with one consumption method. That’s why they combine smoking with tincture ingestion to produce a synergistic effect. For instance, you can put some drops sublingually for immediate results and smoke a joint over a prolonged period to sustain the effect. While others take a couple of puffs for fast onset, then swallow the tincture to have the same effect as the edibles. 

The bottom line is that whether you choose to smoke CBD flowers or ingest tincture, you have to follow your physician’s recommended dosage to steer clear of any undesirable side effects. The above information will help you understand the difference between the two ways so you can pick the one you prefer. Make sure you do some research before consuming any cannabis products to understand which one will suit your needs best. 

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