Son of Trump Cabinet Minister Invested $500K In Cannabis Grow Company

The Daily reports….”Shane McMahon, the son of SBA Administrator Linda McMahon and body-slamming businessman and WWE founder Vince McMahon, has invested heavily in a company that produces pre-fabricated modules for growing pot, according to court papers.

In 2015, Shane ponied up $500,000 for a large stake in the Connecticut-based firm EnviroGrow, which sells the modules in states where the drug is legal for medical or recreational use.

Shane’s role in the business was to help the modules – which look like shipping containers – get some buzz in the fast-growing world of cannabis farms and sales.

“He thought it was going to be a big boom and make a lot of money,” said a source with knowledge of the company.

About EnviroGrow

The cannabis cultivation industry is about growing multiple strain types of high grade flower consistently without loss. Loss in the industry comes from contamination, theft, and poorly constructed facilities. The EnviroGrow system and components eliminate the possibility of contaminants while ensuring the highest possible output. Whether you’re starting a new operation or looking to expand, our EnviroRooms and prebuilt units offer several different growing solutions designed to enhance your grow operation. The EnviroGrow system provides cannabis growers with complete control of their growing environment from start to finish.


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