A Gauteng man has received SA’s first legal prescription for medical marijuana. Kwanda Mtetwa overcame severe pains thanks to cannabis.

A marijuana prescription is available in Mzansi. The 32-year-old Mtetwa is now a spirited activist for medical marijuana after the plant helped him overcome the horror pains he endured after a road accident.

The Gauteng man was involved in a motorcycle crash back in 2011 and later needed a safer and more effective way to treat himself. He began to grow his own marijuana before it was permitted in Mzansi.

Mtetwa has now finally earned a legal medical prescription from a doctor for marijuana. While this event is not a novelty in other corners of the globe, in Mzansi it has been unheard of.

“The process is not easy, I would like to thank SAHPRA [South African Health Products Regulatory Authority] for making this possible. I did not think it would be possible in my lifetime,” Mtetwa told eNCA in a live broadcast.

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