South Africa op-ed: Tried and tested: It’s high time for a trade and regulatory framework for SA’s cannabis industry

Anthony Cohen is the founder and CEO of Elixinol South Africa, which manufactures a range of certified CBD products made from organic, grade-A CBD oil. He is also the founder of the CTA UK and of Helixir London. 

He writes….

CBD oil products are now coming into the mainstream and we need to facilitate consumer education and awareness around the industry and the products. Major retailers Clicks and Dis-Chem have both listed our range of Elixinol CBD products, which will be on shelf from September. We will be doing a national roadshow to educate and inform their sales staff on all aspects of CBD and how it benefits people. 
We are not here to give medical advice, as that would be illegal. However, we can advise on levels of nutritional supplements to supplement the diet. We can advise using the research we have from many documented case-studies and our own doctors on staff in the USA to help people in their real-world situations as to how best they can use a CBD product for their personal use.
In order to protect the public and support the industry, we recommend both the public and the producers familiarise themselves and adhere to the guidelines set out by the CTA SA under the TNHA: all products must be tested, full spectrum (as opposed to isolates that offer less efficacy and in some markets is considered novel and below the legal THC level. This will offer the public peace of mind and ensure that what they are buying is certified, correct to label and includes standardised dosage instructions so there is no level of guesswork involved.

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