South Africa: ProText Mobility, Inc. (OTCMKTS: TXTM) RSA Medical Marijuana Dispensaries RSAMMD Reverse Merger Heating Up & Breaking Out

ProText Mobility, Inc. (OTCMKTS: TXTM) is heating up again and breaking out northbound moving up 85% on Friday on $1.6 million in dollar volume. TXTM recently proved itself as one of the biggest runners in small caps moving up over 1000% after the Company announced the long awaited RSAMMD reverse merger when RSA Medical Marijuana Dispensaries RSAMMD™ The more we are learning about RSA Medical Marijuana Dispensaries RSAMMD™ the more interesting it becomes. RSAMMD in Joint Venture with Leeds Boerdery, cultivated hemp and cannabis crops this past season on a combined 1000+ hectares. According to RSAMMD website they produced 35,000 kilograms on 1,000 hectares plot sitting on a 5,000-hectare farm so there is lots of room for expansion. They could also greatly increase their yield per hectare as compared to many Companies that can easily get 1,000 kilos per hectare. Currently trading at a $31 million market valuation TXTM has a lot of room to grow. 

RSAMMD run by CEO Dylon Du Plooy has a lot going on behind the scenes and thanks to Dylon Du Plooy we are able to get a glimpse. Mr. Plooy recently stated on twitter: “We Are Establishing The $TXTM Tribal Council Website is Looking Awesome, We Had a Last Minute Thought  #TXTMTribe Registration: Contact Details, LOCATION, HUMAN Capital You Adding, SHARES You Own, Price Bought in and Your Pledge to Humanity. Last week Mr. Plooy stated: “So When Roger Spoke of $45 Million Dollars Per Day that Was Years Ago Before Inflation Before Multiple Applications of The Technology For Natural Plant Based Treatments Before #DrJ Came in As The Chairman Of The Commodity Board for Cannabis & All Indigenous Flora We Got Roger to Gather Some Strength to Get Down to Leeds to Run The Test. We Saw First Hand the Technology Was Working before #DrJ Came in As The Chairman Of The Commodity Board for Cannabis & All Indigenous Flora. TXTM has recent highs of $0.0191, a break over and its blue skies ahead. 

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