South Australia – Bust in Adelaide’s west leads to second cannabis seizure at warehouse

There are only two narratives in cannabis in Australia these days


State or Federal Govt  Hand Over Cash To Small Amount Of Medical Cannabis Companies To Create Closed Market That Does Not Benefit Patients


State or Federal Government Spend Large Amounts on Policing Budgets to Enforce Cannabis Prosecutions To No Discernable Effect Other Than To Create a Media Headline / Build A Law & Order Policy


A Cartel Of Medical Cannabis Companies
Federal Police
State Police
Federal Politicians
State Politicians


The rest of the population

Here’s a narrative 2 story

The ABC reports

South Australian police have revealed a major drug bust in Adelaide’s west earlier this week in which 150 kilograms of dried cannabis were seized.

Detectives searching a Thebarton warehouse also allegedly found a large hydroponic cannabis crop consisting of 163 plants.


SA Police revealed details of the incident this afternoon, after officers investigating the discovery made a second find at a warehouse at Welland on Thursday.

“Officers found another hydroponic cannabis crop of 18 plants and one pound of cannabis bud,” police said.

A 42-year-old Tranmere man was arrested and charged with drug offences including cultivation and trafficking, as well as diverting electricity.

He appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court today.

Police said that, following the discovery of the second crop, the man would now face further drugs charges.

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