South Carolina: Regulators OK pesticides for hemp production

CLEMSON — The South Carolina Department of Pesticide Regulation has approved a list of pesticides for use on hemp crops, removing a hurdle farmers have faced since the crop was cleared for production in the state earlier this year.


“Before any pesticide on this list is used in South Carolina, the grower must first make sure it is registered for use in the state,” he said, noting that state-registered pesticides are listed online at the DPR website. “Pesticide dealers also must ensure that any pesticide on this list is registered in the state before making it available for wholesale or retail purchase by growers.”

The list is being distributed to Clemson Extension Service agents in counties where the more than 100 licensed hemp farmers in South Carolina reside. Extension agents help farmers adopt best practices is the production of a wide array of crops.

Full Report:


The South Carolina Department of Pesticide Regulation


Pesticide Product Registrations

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