South Park Founders Say Viacom Deal Gives Them The Funds To Start A Real “Tegridy Farms”

Not many things make me smile these days but if Matt & Trey build a real weed business around Tegridy Farms that will not only make my day, it’ll also make my year.

Sadly lacking in the world of cannabis is humor, way too many dullards involved in the “industry”, considering weed is meant to be about fun and laughter

Bring it on guys.. i would actually get on a plane and cross oceans to try out your product!

How does one (or two) spend $900 million? “South Park” creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are using the massive haul they just got from ViacomCBS to branch out from just making the popular animated cartoon they’ve been doing since the Clinton administration.

Stone spoke with Bloomberg over the weekend and broke down the pair’s eye-popping new overall deal with ViacomCBS. He said the duo are going to use that money to expand into other arenas, like a horror franchise, a “South Park” video game and even a real-life weed business based on the fictional Tegridy Farms, which was introduced in the Comedy Central series’ 22nd season.

“We have a ‘South Park’ 3D video game, release date unknown. We’re doing deep fakes. We have a studio with a dozen people who are deep fake artists. We’re working on a little more of this deep fake movie we’re trying to piece together,” Stone said. “We have a horror movie. A musical. I think we’re really for the first time going to bring Tegridy Weed into real life.”

‘South Park’ Creators Will Spend That $900 Million From ViacomCBS on a Deepfake Movie and Weed Business

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