Southern Colorado city of Pueblo reintroduces cannabis tax

KKTV Pueblo

PUEBLO, Colo. (KKTV) – After being suspended for a couple of months, the marijuana excise tax is back in Pueblo. The tax has also gone up from what it was previously.

From Jan. 1 of this year until this past Monday, marijuana was taxed at 0 percent. Before this, marijuana was taxed at 8 percent, but now it has increased to 10 percent.

Money from the marijuana excise tax goes toward the general fund, which pays for things like improvements in schools and for the police and fire departments. Pueblo City Council members say the reason for reintroducing this tax was because the city lost $200,000 from its budget by not having the tax.

City Council member, Regina Maestri says since the legalization of marijuana, Pueblo has seen more mental health issues. She also says the reason the tax was 0% for a couple of months this year was because a dispensary requested it of the City Council.


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