Euro News reports

A GROUP of children playing on the beach came across 17.2 kilos of hashish in an oil can on La Herradura Beach in Almuñecar, Granada.

The discovery was made yesterday afternoon, Sunday, February 28, when the children saw the oil can with an open cap which the sea had carried to shore. The local council reports that after they had looked at it, they alerted the Local Police who verified that there was a significant amount of hashish inside distributed in wrapped tablets.

Once the drum was picked up, it was verified at the police station that there were loose and unsealed pieces of hashish inside that reached a weight of 4.6 kilos and a further 22 small tablets that weighed more than 12.6 kilos, as reported by a spokesman for the Local Police, who pointed out that the strong east wind probably brought the drum to shore

Children playing on beach find 17 kilos of hashish in can