Spain: Leader of Drug Gang Arrested in Estepona

THE leader of a drug gang which transported hashish from Morocco has been arrested in Estepona.

The man, who police say was the leader of a drugs gang, has been arrested in Estepona.

In the operation, carried out the Guardia Civil and the National Police, 34 more people have also been detained

More than 300 agents of the Guardia Civil and the National Police took place in the raids in various points of the provinces of Malaga and Cadiz as part of an investigation being carried out against a gang of drug traffickers specialised in transporting hashish from Morocco.

According to media reports, the leader of the gang has been arrested in Estepona.

The 34 other people arrested as part of the investigation into hashish trafficking from Moroccos, all on suspicions of the crimes of drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal organisation.

Police carried out 16 searches in Los Barrios and Algeciras, in the province of Cadiz, and in Estepona in Malaga.

Officers said they have confiscated cash, vehicles, communication equipment and various material related to the events investigated.

Police said they want to bring down one of the drug trafficking organisations based in the Campo de Gibraltar which tranports hashish by sea from Morocco to Spain.

They said that once the drugs were brought into Spain they were then transported across Europe.

The news comes after police arrested an Estepona man found with cocaine and a handgun in his car.

The National Police arrested the man in Estepona, after identifying him during a police control point near the A-7 as it passes through the El Velerin district of the town.

Officers stopped a vehicle at their checkpoint after identifying the occupant, and a subsequent search of his car uncovered four packages containing more than four kilos of cocaine, three pieces of rock cocaine weighing 7.2g, a pistol with ammunition, and €2,820 in cash.

The driver was a 38-year-old man of Moroccan nationality, reportedly injured the officers trying to arrest him, according to the police.

The suspect’s car was impounded, and he was charged with alleged crimes against public health and another for illegal possession of weapons and will appear in court.


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