Spain: Ministry of Health Drafting Medicinal Cannabis Law

In Spain, the Ministry of Health is writing the law that will regulate medicinal cannabis in the country.

As reported Hemp, the Spanish Government announced that the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products ( AEMPS ) is working on the issue, after a deputy from the Ciudadanos political party carried out a parliamentary question. 

AEMPS is developing a roadmap for the appropriate regulatory fit and feasibility of these recommendations, guaranteeing the quality of these products ( standardized cannabis extracts or preparations ), so that their use contributes to the patient health that they may need them and to the protection of public health“, replied the Government, after being asked about regulatory progress and about the roadmap regarding the medicinal use of the plant.

In this way, AEMPS seeks to meet the deadline set by the Subcommittee on Medicinal Cannabis of the Congress of Deputies, which last June recommended that medical marijuana should be available in pharmacies in Spain before the end of the year.

The regulation of medicinal cannabis is approaching in Spain

¿What else did the Congressional Subcommittee suggest regarding medical marijuana? The text specifies that “ the dispensation of master formulas with standardized extracts or preparations of cannabis must be carried out from the network of health system pharmacies, preferably in hospital pharmacies and exploring the alternative of community pharmacies that may meet the requirements ”.

In addition, the patients who will be able to access the medicine will be those who suffer from multiple sclerosis, some ways of epilepsynausea and vomiting derived from chemotherapy, endometriosiscancer pain and chronic pain non-cancer (including neuropathic pain), being able to be extended to other therapeutic indications when the studies provide consistent indications.

Despite this breakthrough, the text stresses that “ avoid ” that there is a “ greater availability and consumption ” of non-medical marijuana.

“ It is necessary to avoid that the use of cannabis extracts or preparations is confused with a generic invocation to the general use of cannabis by the population ”, clarified from Deputies at the time.

España: Ministerio de Salud Redacta Ley de Cannabis Medicinal

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