Survey By Digital Third Coast Shows 1 in 3 Americans Want Cannabis Sold At Grocery Stores

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Author: Digital Third Coast

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With new states “going green” every day, the cannabis industry is booming in the United States. Many Americans are wondering when their states will be next and where they can get it.


According to a new survey by Digital Third Coast, 1 in 3 Americans want cannabis sold in supermarkets, gas stations, and grocery stores and that’s not all.



  • 40% feel cannabis products should face the same advertising restrictions as alcohol
  • 45% believe cannabis should be made legal as a matter of freedom or personal choice
  • 7 in 10 people believe that cannabis should be legalized at the federal level
  • Their analysis revealed 1 in 3 cannabis users are parents, indicating broader acceptance. 
  • In fact, they found 26% of respondents feel cannabis dispensaries should not be banned from opening near schools, houses of worship or residential areas.


Support for cannabis legalization is growing in the United States and the cannabis industry is exploding right along with it. As new states continue to legalize, those living in cannabis-unfriendly areas are likely wondering when they’ll be next and where they can buy.


For companies looking to break into the “green” market, there’s no better time to sell your services – but with cannabis legality varying from state to state, it’s important to get it right.


American Cannabis Use

With changing degrees of cannabis legalization across the country, are sentiments about cannabis products changing with the times? According to Digital Third Coast’s recent survey, nearly 60% say they use cannabis products.


Also, not all cannabis users are interested in purchasing from a dispensary – if given the opportunity, 55% of respondents would “grow their own,” with the most would-be home growers hailing from Montana (no. 1), Arizona (no. 2) and Connecticut (no. 3). 


Cannabis Legalization

A whopping 92% of Americans we surveyed are on board with cannabis legalization with 67% looking forward to both medical and recreational use and 25% for medical use only.

When it comes to why cannabis should be made legal in the United States, answers run the gamut. The most popular reason? Freedom. Forty five percent of respondents believe that cannabis use is a “matter of freedom or personal choice,” with medical reasons (25%), and freeing up law enforcement (10%) rounding out the top three reasons. 

Interestingly, only 3% of respondents believe that government regulation of cannabis products should be the main reason for legalization. However, out of those that believe that cannabis should be legalized, 72% of respondents think that cannabis should be made legal on the federal level vs. the 24% that would prefer legalization on the state level.


Cannabis Marketing

Without a doubt, the cannabis industry is booming in the US. This raises questions about where and how cannabis products should be marketed and sold. Much like restrictions on alcohol, nicotine, and pharmaceuticals, cannabis has restrictions in place on advertising that often shift state-to-state.

They asked respondents to weigh in on cannabis advertising and nearly 40% liken cannabis to alcohol and believe similar advertising restrictions should be on both. 



Twenty-five percent of respondents feel as if cannabis is closer to nicotine and should be advertised similarly and 1 in 5 respondents believe cannabis should be advertised as a pharmaceutical product.


When it comes to where cannabis can be purchased, respondents may be looking a little beyond the standard dispensary. Over half of all respondents think that cannabis should be available at their local pharmacies and 31% want to be able to add cannabis products to their grocery lists – suggesting that cannabis should be sold at your local supermarket, gas station, or newsstand.


The Future of Cannabis Legalization

What does the future hold for cannabis? Well, that’s up to lawmakers. But they asked respondents whether they felt the trend towards more widespread legalization is hurtful or helpful to society. The overwhelming majority (81%) believe legalization is helpful. 

While this study barely scratched the surface when considering the implications of cannabis legalization in the US, one thing is clear: cannabis is here to stay.


Review Digital Third Coast’s full study online. 


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