Sustainable Nutrition Group Partners With Australian Plant Proteins

Sustainable Nutrition Group Ltd (ASX:TSN) has partnered with Australian Plant Proteins to develop its own hemp seed derived protein concentrate and isolate.

Sustainable Nutrition Group isn’t a new player in the hemp game – it was formerly known Australian Primary Hemp before a name change last month.

Under the agreement with APP, the hemp concentrate and isolate will be developed in APP’s protein isolate factional facility in Victoria. TSN will own the IP for the product and have 15-year exclusivity on its sale. It’s expected the hemp isolate will contain between 88% and 92% protein, while maintaining other important nutritional aspects found in good quality hemp protein products.

“By partnering with APP, TSN can leverage opportunities in the plant protein market to take advantage of strong consumer demand for plant-based health and wellness products,” said TSN Managing Director Neale Joseph.

This will also mark a new phase for APP – to date its work appears to have been with pulses such as yellow pea, mung bean and yellow lentils. Hemp seed, which is technically a nut, is often referred to as super-food given its nutritional benefits – and unlike some others given the title, is deserving of it.

Commercialisation expected to commence in the final quarter of next year – initially in the Australian and New Zealand markets before expanding into global markets. TSN says the company has kicked off discussions with leading ingredients distributors supplying over 30 countries globally.

Hemp protein can be used in a wide range of food applications, from protein bars and shakes to plant-based meat products. Aside from its nutritional value and low allergenic nature, as it is derived from a plant rather than livestock, this boosts its sustainability street-cred as it has a significantly lower carbon footprint.

TSN says products developed through the agreement with APP will be neutral in flavour and have excellent solubility and emulsifying attributes, which are important for broad utilisation.

Sustainable Nutrition Group Ltd is a vertically integrated business that has a variety of hemp products under the Mt Elephant, Australian Primary Hemp, and Field Day brands.

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