Sydney Vaporizers reveals tips to maintain your Mighty Plus cooling unit..


All vapers who own a Mighty or Mighty Plus from Storz and Bickel are aware of the tedious task of cleaning your cooling unit, or lid piece of the dry herb vape.


After some time of using your Mighty or Mighty plus Vape, you will get to a point where you feel a bit of resistance when trying to take draws from the lip piece, The reason for this resistance is that there is now a big build up of very sticky residue that has been collecting on the inside of the cooling unit, which if left uncleaned, will eventually completely block up the cooling unit. We all want to avoid this, and if you follow these simple steps, then you will always enjoy clean flavorful lungfuls with little to no resistance.


It is worth noting that the sticky oily residue that is building up inside the cooling unit, which looks like a very dark honey, is actually already activated THCa oil, and if you were to consume it, the effects are extremely potent.


The first and most important ingredient needed to clean anything dry herb vaporizer related is 100% Isopropyl alcohol. Sydney Vaporizers stocks this in either a 500ml or 1 litre bottle, available through the store. This is a solvent and it will literally bond to all that sticky residue that is blocking your cooling unit, and then it will rinse off easily. Once you have yourself some Iso alcohol, all you need to do is disassemble the cooling unit, (please watch the video on the Sydney Vaporizers website on how to disassemble the cooling unit) and soak all the parts in Isopropyl alcohol for a minimum of 2 hours, then rinse thoroughly under hot water. Then simply dry and reassemble for a perfectly clean and fresh cooling unit.


If cleaning all seems to be a bit too much, then you can simply purchase a brand new, completely assembled cooling unit, Sydney Vaporizers sells them individually, or in a pack of 3 units, along with every other Storz and Bickel Spare part that is available for your Mighty, Mighty plus, Crafty Plus, Plenty, Volcano Classic and Volcano Hybrid.

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