Syracuse University Launches Cannais Education With Green Flower inc

Here’s what they say….

Laws around cannabis are complex and ever-changing, making legal compliance a significant challenge for cannabis businesses. With a cross-disciplinary approach to key industry sectors, this certificate gives you the information and insights needed to participate in the world of cannabis regulation, compliance and public policy.

Starting with Cannabis 101, the program will provide you with a comprehensive overview of federal and state cannabis regulation, and the historical events that led to the formation of these laws. You will explore industry legislation, common regulatory dilemmas, the process of securing state and local licenses, and additional compliance-related content.

With the option to specialize in agriculture, entrepreneurship or healthcare law and policy, this program is designed to give students the range and depth of information needed to meaningfully engage with the legal landscape around cannabis.


June 28

Full Payment Option $2,950

Installment Option $999 x 3

3 Courses 8 weeks each

100% Online

Instructor led, asynchronous
Use code JUNESTART for $500 off our first start!

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