Taiwan: Local DJ arrested for allegedly selling marijuana

Taipei, Oct. 23 (CNA) A club DJ in Taipei has been arrested for allegedly selling marijuana, according to Taipei’s Nangang Police Precinct on Sunday.

According to the head of the sub-station’s investigation team Chen Jen-chia (陳人嘉), police arrested a 47-year-old man surnamed Liu (劉) who is known in Taipei’s clubbing scene as “DJ @llenblow.”

Liu was arrested after police suspicions were raised when investigating a person suspected of purchasing cannabis using social media platforms.

Chen said the investigation led the police to believe that the initial suspect had contacted a distributor to procure weed through Facebook.

After following the digital trail left by the suspect, Chen said police applied for a warrant and searched Liu’s house.

Chen said police found marijuana left out in the open on Liu’s living room table alongside his turntable and mixer.

In total, police seized 356 grams of marijuana and seven sticks of cannabis oil as well as undisclosed amounts of ketamine and ecstasy.

Liu, who has previously been charged with possession of drugs, might have been dealing for about three months, police added.

Liu confessed to selling drugs during interrogation and was charged with violating the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act. He was later released on NT$30,000 (US$934.86)bail, according to police.

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