Talking To Your Doctor- How To Get A Medical Cannabis Prescription

Although weed is legal in Canada now, there are still some apprehensions about using medical cannabis. People suffering from health conditions may not feel confident about transitioning to this therapy, even if they need not do much to buy it legally. It makes sense to get expert advice so that you can be on the safe side, but talking to your doctor about cannabis can be complicated. While some physicians do not have much experience with it, others may not be keen to prescribe it. Still, if you are serious about using it as a therapeutic option, here are some tips you can follow to talk to your doctor and get a prescription.

Be prepared

When you drop in at your doctor’s clinic, be well prepared to discuss your condition, symptoms, history, and expectations. You may need to convince the practitioner about the legitimacy of medical marijuana therapy in your case, so be ready for that as well. Taking along your reports and records is a good idea if the doctor doesn’t treat you regularly. Explain the therapies you have already tried and share your plans in terms of products and the method of cannabis consumption you want to try. Only once they are convinced will they provide you the prescription and preparation can make all the difference.

Share details honestly

At times, you may want to see a doctor when you are already using medical cannabis. You will probably want to check whether you are taking the right dose or using the right product for your health issue. In this case, you need to share details with the doctor, from what products you use, dosage, frequency, effects, and more. Whether you buy weed online or from a dispensary, carry the package so that the doctor may have a fair idea about what you are already using. Honesty breeds trust and also gives you a chance to get proper treatment. If you conceal facts, even the best professional may not be able to write the right prescription.

See a specialist

While you may consider checking with your healthcare practitioner for a prescription, it is always better to see a specialist. The professional will have more experience with medical cannabis. So they are in a better position to understand your condition and recommend the right dosage, product, and method of consumption for you. Moreover, you can expect them to take a more liberal approach as compared to someone who isn’t used to prescribing marijuana prescriptions to their patients. Researching online is a good idea to find a specialist near you, and you may also ask for recommendations if you know someone who already uses this therapy.

You can expect the doctor to do some more tests and ask questions before writing you a prescription. They may not even do it on the first visit, so patience is the key. However, the effort is worthwhile because you will be able to go ahead with the therapy with greater confidence once you get a prescription from a specialist.

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