Taylor Mammon Acquired by American CBD Pioneer GenCanna

Turnkey CBD formulator, private label accelerator, and product distributor Taylor Mammon announced today that the company, established in 2018, was acquired by US-based GenCanna, a leading producer of hemp-derived, THC-free, premium CBD and other cannabinoids. The move culminates the evolution of a successful three-year relationship, in which GenCanna served, and will continue to serve, as Taylor Mammon’s primary source of CBD and other cannabinoids for infusion into brand products.

The acquisition comes on the heels of an 18-month initiative at Taylor Mammon to prepare for its Novel Foods Application, a process GenCanna has supported every step of the way. Taylor Mammon’s union with GenCanna has not only fast-tracked this compliance milestone, but now narrows the borders between the US and the UK, positioning Taylor Mammon as a full-service, vertically integrated, worldwide CBD gateway. Taylor Mammon can now offer its current and future brand partners CBD infusion services that are immediately and fully compliant to the stringent regulatory mandates dictated under two Novel Foods Applications — one for the Food Safety Authority (“FSA”) of the United Kingdom and one for its European equivalent, the EFSA — meeting the deadline for validation of March 31, 2021.

“We are delighted with the opportunity this acquisition affords us,” said Nathan Wogman, co-founder and Managing Director of Taylor Mammon. “GenCanna’s acquisition of Taylor Mammon positions us for significant international growth and to be a global leader in the CBD arena. Our partnership provides us with the financial and intellectual capital and discipline to accelerate our growth through product innovation, contract manufacturing, fulfillment, and distribution services.”

Between the UK’s increasing understanding and embracing of THC-free CBD infusion into consumable and topical goods, the validation deadline for novel foods compliance now around the corner, and the bridging of a CBD market product and supply chain between the UK and the US, the timing of this union is ideal.

“As one of our long-term and valued customers, we admired Taylor Mammon’s philosophy and approach to CBD,” said GenCanna CEO, Andrew Barnett. “This alliance — which we understand is the first of its kind for a UK-based CBD company — drives unique and mutually beneficial operational and marketing synergies that will catapult product development, sales, and revenue opportunities within our respective geographies.”

About Taylor Mammon

Based in the U.K., Taylor Mammon Ltd. (taylormammon.com) is a white label manufacturer and brand distributor of CBD-infused goods. Taylor Mammon sees the benefits in the power of CBD and has created a business model that affords its brand partners total ownership over their brands, while enabling end-consumers to benefit from the exciting applications of CBD. Taylor Mammon continually innovates new products to meet its partners’ rigorous demands.

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