Texas: HB 2107 Dead In The Water ?

9 May 2017

The Texas Cannabis Report reveals

HB 2107 would give numerous patients access to whole plant cannabis. After a long and emotional committee hearing last week, support for the bill among legislators surged. Out of the 150 representatives who comprise the House, 77 have signed on in support.

Getting the bill passed out of the Public Health Committee was a feat of its own. Despite personally opposing the bill, the chair still allowed a vote on the legislation knowing that it would pass. It wasn’t without concessions though, and some wonder if some of these concessions weren’t planned from the beginning by legislators while Texans were left in the dark.

During negotiations, patients lost the ability to grow their plants at home. Some decried such a move, saying that it places an undue burden on those who are unable to travel or financially afford to purchase from a dispensary.

Other clauses which were removed from the bill include “protection of parental rights for those using or administering medical cannabis; protects patients from being charged with paraphernalia; caps licensing fees at $5,000; allows patient or registered caregiver to grow a minimum of 6 plants in a secured location.” There was also a clause added which says cannabis must be must be administered by a means other than smoking.

These concessions were the price paid for gaining such a large number of co-sponsors.

After passing out of the committee, the bill slowly made its way to the Calendar Committee, which votes on whether or not to schedule bills to be heard by the full House. The committee still has a day to vote on allowing the bill to be scheduled, but it looks unlikely that will happen.

At one point during the day, Calendar Committee members’ offices were being overwhelmed with phone calls, and people were asked to stop calling so they could get work done. Instead, people have been emailing these members.

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