Thailand has joined leading global nations by setting the level of THC allowable in hemp to a full 1.0% by dry weight, according to a recent announcement from the country’s Narcotics Control Committee (NCC).


The announcement clarifies earlier confusion over the allowable THC level, revoking and replacing previously considered rules which had variably been reported as setting the THC limit for hemp at maximim 0.1%, 0.2% or 0.3% by weight of the dried plant, including flowers and leaves. The move greatly affects the potential in Thailand’s CBD sector.

In addition to meeting the 1.0% maximum THC threshold, CBD products must be at least 99% pure, the rules also state. A separate regulation requires that testing for THC be carried out in an accredited laboratory.

NCC said the THC rule will not be enforced against crops or certified hemp seed that were approved prior to the recent change.