THC Detox Pills – How They Work

Any weed enthusiast that ever faced a drug test probably heard about detox pills for pre-test cleansing. However, anyone who smokes weed knows that THC is ridiculously difficult to get rid of, so the question remains – do detox pills work for THC?

In this article, we’ll discuss the effects of detox pills on THC, and how some of the top-rated detox pills help expel THC from your system.


Do detox pills work?

The short answer is – yes, and no. To clarify, best detox pills’ brands do a great job of expelling THC from your system, just not the way you would expect.

The biggest misconception about detox pills is that they’re some magical formula that will instantly flush any metabolites from your system. The truth, however, is very different, since detox pills don’t do much by themselves. Instead, they intensify the body’s natural detox process, helping it dispose of the toxins with higher speed and efficiency.

Detox pills are cleansing supplements, designed to help out with natural detox, rather than a medicinal aid. Still, they’re quite useful when it comes to cleaning your system of all drug metabolites, including opioids, alcohol, and tobacco.


What about THC?

THC is quite easily removed from your blood by the liver within days, and it can only be detected in your saliva for a couple of hours. Your urine, on the other hand, is a different story.

Urinalysis is the most common way of drug testing for THC since the presence of the drug in urine can be detected for up to 90 days. This detection window dramatically depends on your toxin levels, and if you’re a chronic smoker, you need to undergo a more thorough detox.

The reason behind this lies in the ability of THC to bind to the fat cells of your body efficiently. This residual THC is processed by your kidneys and expelled through your urine. And that’s where detox tablets come in.

The natural detox process requires more time if your toxin levels are high. Detox tablets help expel THC metabolites through their diuretic properties. In simple terms, they help you get rid of drug metabolites through more frequent urination.

Learn more about THC by reading The 420 Times marijuana drug test guide which will give you all the information you need to know

Keep in mind that product quality plays a significant role in intensifying your natural detox. Buying a generic detox product at large retail stores doesn’t guarantee better results. Only top-rated detox pills, obtainable through specialized shops listed on websites like MedSignals, provide the best possible results when it comes to removing THC from your system.

THC-only products

Some manufacturers claim their products specifically target THC metabolites in your body, speeding up their removal up to 200%. We want you to know that this is purely a marketing trick designed to make you pay for a product that usually isn’t that great.

As we said, detox pills work for all drug metabolites, including marijuana. As they only help you achieve purification by making you urinate more frequently, there’s no way a detox pill can target THC metabolites specifically.

We strongly advise you to stay clear of such products, despite their great advertisement, since they’re usually products of poor quality.



In conclusion, detox pills do work for THC, but keep in mind that they’re only detox supplements. When used correctly, and in conjunction with a proper natural detox, detox pills can significantly reduce the time your body needs to expel marijuana metabolites.

Keep in mind that not all products provide the same result. There’s no guarantee that a poor-quality product offers the same results as some of the top-rated detox tablets on the market.


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