THC Products and CBD In Canada

Everywhere online, everybody is talking about THC and CBD products. These have been trending for a while now and people rave about what these substances can do for them. They are linked to pain relief, as well as reducing anxiety. So, naturally, you might want to find out more about THC and CBD products in Canada. Namely, what are they and are they legal? Well, let’s take a look.

Where Does THC and CBD Come From?

First of all, it is important to understand where THC products and CBD come from. Namely, they are from the cannabis plant. This is a natural plant that is known for the chemical substances it contains. We are talking about having over 100 cannabinoids. As you may have guessed, cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, is one of them. Another cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Both of these cannabinoids have their uses and you will find them contained in different products in Canada.

Are These Products Legal?

One of the most common questions regarding CBD and THC products is whether they are legal in Canada. The confusion comes because every country is different. In 2018, the Cannabis Act was introduced in Canada, which means that the market is well regulated. It should be noted that the whole plant is legal in the country. Brands have to follow strict regulations and pay a lot of money to offer products. For example, there is an application process in order to start selling. This can mean that customers can trust brands in Canada and that they must have gone through all of the legal hurdles first.

Therefore, it is legal to purchase THC and CBD products in Canada. This includes marijuana and industrial hemp. They are regulated by the Cannabis Act. However, something that you should be aware of is that every province in Canada is allowed to make their own rules and regulations when it comes to THC and CBD products.

What are the Effects of THC and CBD products?

You may be thinking; what are the differences between THC and CBD products? Well, the effect it has on the user is the main difference – you can find out more at 9leafs. For example, a lot of people take CBD products so that they can enjoy health benefits. This might be pain management or getting help to relax in the evenings after a long day. For a more enhanced experience, some people will choose THC products. Most of the time, these products still contain CBD. But, the tetrahydrocannabinol it contains can have a psychoactive effect. In other words, it can make you feel high.

What Type of THC and CBD Products are Available?

There are an abundance of THC and CBD products available. This means that you can choose how you want to consume these cannabinoids. For example, some people prefer oral tinctures while others will choose to vape THC and CBD products. In addition, there are now drinks, edibles and creams available. It will be your choice and the one you prefer to use.


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