The 2 upgrades that make the Volcano Hybrid king of the desktop vaporizers!


Storz and Bickel have become famous world wide with their genius invention, namely the original Volcano Classic dry herb vaporizer. They brought out this device nearly 25 years ago, and the updated version, the Volcano Hybrid,  has 2 main and massive upgrades, that makes this desktop dry herb vaporizer the king in its field!


The first and noticeable upgrade is the actual face of the vaporizer. The original Volcano classic has an analog dial with the temperature range from 1 to 9, however, the user does not know what the exact temperature is at each number on the dial. On the front of the Volcano Hybrid, the designers have incorporated a digital face, so the user is able to type into the face exactly which temperature desired, keeping in mind that different properties of the herb are released at  different temperatures. This ensures that the user is getting the most efficient extraction possible thanks to this new digital technology!


The next noticeable difference or upgrade is the type of inhalation. On the OG Volcano Classic, the user has only one type of inhalation, and that is via the easy valve Balloons, which have been filled up with the potent vapour, via conduction heat. The designers over in Germany have upgraded the Hybrid so that inhalation is now possible via 2 different methods. Filling an easy valve balloon the same as the classic is still possible however, on the Hybrid, the user is also able to attach a silicone hose to the filling chamber, and inhale the potent vapor through this hose. Some users much prefer this type of inhalation as this is a much more direct travel path for the vapor to travel directly from the herb to your lungs.


The upgraded digital face of the Volcano Hybrid vape, coupled with the now 2 options of inhalation have definitely made the Volcano Hybrid from Storz and Bickel the undisputed king of desktop Dry Herb Vaporizers. The Tinymight 2 is now also available at Sydney Vaporizers. All the Storz and Bickel models, along with all Storz and Bickel Spare parts are available for your Mighty, Mighty plus, Crafty Plus, Plenty, Volcano Classic and Volcano Hybrid at

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