Cannabis flower is popular with many people for good reasons. Many cannabis users the best way of consuming cannabis is smoking the smoking flower. Cannabis flowers are also known as a bud are what most people think of when they talk about marijuana. So what are the methods that you can consume this cannabis flower? Well, this page will discuss the various ways on how you can consume cannabis flowers. 


What is a cannabis flower?

Cannabis flower can be a male flower that is usually large with bell-shaped clusters. On the other hand, a female flower appears tear-shaped and has pistils. However, a cannabis plant is considered as a unisexual or diocious plant. Quite rare can you find a cannabis plant that is hermaphrodite.


Female cannabis plants are known for having potent THC while their male counterparts are known as not that useful unless you want to crossbreed or use them as seeds. This is because male weed plants can produce pollen that is used to make seeds. 


Many growers usually get rid of the male cannabis plants to prevent ruining their crops as seeds are not preferred by many cannabis smokers. You can find the best cannabis flower on the market, such as at the


The best way to smoke cannabis flower

There are various ways you can smoke cannabis flower but the final choice depends on what you feel is most comfortable for you. Here are some of the common methods that you can use:


A pipe

A pipe is one of the best methods you can use to smoke cannabis flowers. This is because they are pretty easy to carry and use. Besides, a pipe is discreet, meaning you can carry it with you anywhere you want. Even better, you just require a pipe and a lighter to enjoy your cannabis flower.

Most pipes are made from wood, glass, metal, and sometimes they are made out of food. To use a cannabis flower, you only need to break up the flower into small pieces, put them into your pipe and smoke. 


A chillum 

A chillum is also a pipe but it’s streamlined. This is even one of the smallest and discreet pipes that you can carry in your pocket or purse. here is how you can use it, simply put the flower in one of its one ends, and you can smoke out from the other side. Some people cup their hands together to surround the one end of the chillum. In this way, there is no contact with your lips.


A bong

A bong is also another popular method of smoking a weed flower. You may be wondering what a bong is all about. Well, it’s a filtration system designed to place water between the cannabis flower and your lungs. It has a water chamber that filters out the concentration of the cannabis smoke and provides a cooling effect. 

When you use a bong, you are assured of enjoying your weed smoke while inhaling. Some people are creative and add any of their favorite liquid other than water. This means you can use your preferred fruity flavored liquid to enjoy your smoke.