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World of Bongs is the one-stop shop with an incredible selection of cannabis smoking accessories for sale. This online head shop has a massive inventory of cannabis and dab accessories. Learn before you buy for the inexperience cannabis users. There is a massive amount of information on every product for sale on this online head shop. Browse through their many water pipes made from silicone, glass, ceramic, and other materials. Discover their massive selection of Dab Rigs with a broad price point to include every budget. Tons of weed accessories to choose from that cover all bases from grinders, to cleaners, stash containers, and all the rolling tools you don’t even know you need. 

Types of bongs for sale


One of the most popular methods to smoke cannabis is by using a bong. There are cannabis smokers that only will use a bong. The reasons behind the popularity of bongs is because of the ability to get a much bigger hit, which turns into a more intense high.

  • Glass – Bongs made out of glass are the most popular type because of the optimal cannabis smoking flavor and less harshness compared to smoking a joint. They are among the easiest to clean using a bong cleaner, or alcohol with sea salt. 
  • Acrylic – This is a plastic like material that’s popular because of its durability.  Acrylic bongs are not going to break if you drop it like a glass option can. 
  • Ceramic – There has been a surge on vase bongs made from ceramic, these water pipes disguise themselves anywhere they are placed.
  • Silicone – The second most popular type of water pipe is made from silicone. People love these silicone bongs because of how reliable they are having around. One of the main reasons people buy new glass water pipes is because they broke their own by accidentally. Dropping a silicone bong is not going to result in the need to replace it. 


No clue about what the differences are between an acrylic or glass bong, no problem. Maybe you’ve been saving half of your paycheck for months in order to get something a little special, World of Bongs has you covered. 

Water Pipe Price

The range in price point makes them available to all budgets from broke college crowds, to the refined middle-aged stoners. Cannabis smokers can get discreet hand held pipes about as long as your cell phone. One of the beautiful things about glass bongs is that they are consistent in being super high quality and well-made options. They keep your smoking experience organic in the fact that you won’t notice any weird taste or flavor like some users often find when they use the metal variety accessories. An added bonus to glass bongs is the fact that they are easy to clean and sanitize if you’re sharing with your friends, they offer big smooth hits too.

Glass bongs can also be referred to as water bongs.  The reason for this is the fact that you can add water to, and in some cases ice (for bongs with ice catchers only), into the big part or base.  You’ll notice that little piece that looks like a stem or tube that doesn’t quite touch the bottom of the base bowl. Think of it like a straw in your cup of water. Adding water to just cover the end of that will allow for an added filter of sorts to help avoid getting a resin hit. 

Cheap Bongs 

A nice water pipe does not need to cost a lot of money. Discover affordable bongs from reliable brands. The Eyce brand brings high grade silicone options that come in some badass colors. Marley Natural has a unique spin with Walnut wood accents into their designs to make for added durability and a stunning addition to your collection. Speaking of stunners, this next brand comes in at a high price point but no doubt well worth it. Empire Glassworks are hand made works of art, literally.  With simple beaker style bongs, to elaborate beakers with bright colors like the beehive.


Weed Pipes For Sale

Glass pipes are the most popular among cannabis smokers, but in recent years there has been other material surging as an alternative choice. Do you have butter fingers and are tired of breaking your weed pipe, after glass pipe, all good because there are tons of options in the Silicone variety too.

Dabbing Rigs For Sale

Dabbing has grown substantially among people where cannabis laws are friendly. The art It’s probably not the best idea for those stoners that are still green (newbies) and haven’t been smoking for long. Dabbing is as close to vaping as it comes because you’re using super concentrated THC to vaporize instead of using cannabis in its herb form. Basically this means you can smoke less because it will be stronger and thus get you higher faster. 

World of Bongs offers up a wide variety of dab rigs for sale, with a specific list for those under $60 bucks. They are also the only online smoke shops that offer a truly portable dab option that is easily concealable.  It’s made by Eyce and it’s called the Nectar Collector, and it’s made from silicone for ultimate durability while traveling. Even better, it’s priced under $50 dollars, which is a damn good deal. Eyce makes it easy to clean as well because the Nectar Collector can be disassembled easily in five pieces. 


You can dab from a pen, or you can dab from a rig but they are extremely customizable. Keep an eye out for the term dab nail. Dab rigs and bongs can look a lot alike, but the vaporizer is an addition that sets them apart and it’s called the dab nail. Most of the time the dab rigs tend to be a bit smaller than the standard glass bongs, so that’s a good way to spot the difference.

510 Vape Batteries

Also, available for sale is one of the most sought out 510 batteries for THC cartridges. The pipe vape battery went virtual a couple of years back, and the demand for it has only increased.


Online Smoke Shop

World of Bongs is truly the most comprehensive online smoke shop because it was created by fellow cannabis users.  This means they know what the hell they are talking about because the problems they have come across are absolutely solved here by the selection of everything they have for sale. 

World of Bongs offers free shipping in the USA for $100 or more orders (not HI or AK). Also, don’t worry if you’re not state side because they ship internationally as well. If you have nosy neighbors that keep an eye on what sorts of things you get delivered to your house, WoB keeps it simple with unmarked boxes to keep things on the down low.  

So go ahead and check them out to get yourself some new toys to play with.  Seriously, stop reading this and go grab yourself a new tray, or bong, or rolling papers or whatever you see that’s too sexy to pass up. They are having a sale right now, so it’s the perfect time. 

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