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Now that cannabis is legal in the US and other parts of the world, it’s a good time to live. It’s made better by the portable dab rig samples we have in the market today. Since you cannot go around trying everything, it’s better if you use a recommendation.



We have the Waxmaid portable dab rig here, and it’s throwing an evolution on how you will be viewing dab rigs. It’s a tiny thing with the power to give you sixty uninterrupted sessions. Guess what else it offers? A chance for you to ditch the torch!

Waxmaid Ares Dab Rig Features

The 6.5-inch dab rig has a conical shape with some of the best materials defining its complexion. The electric heater is instant thanks to the quartz in it. So, there are no 30 seconds of delay as you wait for the dab rig to heat up.

The material making it up is Zinc alloy and platinum-cured silicone for the mouthpiece. The glass part is hard for daily use, so it should not trouble you.



Waxmaid went ahead to include a transparent glass container. It not only helps you to view the smoke as you toke, but it also gives a broader sitting area for the vaping instrument. The middle part is made of the electric part with the power button, indicator, and mouthpiece connector.

The atomizer’s bottom and top parts are also there and removable too. Once you load the content from the Octopus container provided in the package, you close the Waxmaid dab rig using the wax carb cap provided together with the belt.

There is a 37-hole honeycomb percolator in the container to help cool down the smoke as you take the hits. There are also cleaning tools in the midst, and they include the Q-tips and the cleaning brush.

The dab tool is also among the cleaning parts. More inclusions include the 18mm mouthpiece and the USB charging cable. All these pieces come disconnected and well packed inside the small bag to be comfortable in one hand.

That’s how the package arrives with everything you require to begin your hit.

The Portability Aspect

This is where the Waxmaid wins the race. It’s only 6.5 inches tall so, whether it’s assembled or not, you still have a portable dab rig. It can comfortably fit in your pocket, and we can thank the sizing for that.  

As you use it, the battery will give you sixty sessions before the next recharge. That means you have ample time to enjoy and less time away while charging. When you combine that with the instant heating function, you have a worthy dab rig on the go with immediate hits when you need them.

The bag is also not that big, and it comes ticking all the wants you may wish on a dab rig bag. The PU bag is well constructed with a honeycomb design on it. It has a nice silicone handle at the top that doesn’t make your hands sweaty as you carry the bag especially if you suffer from hyperhidrosis.



Everything you put in there stays strapped. So, there will be nothing moving inside while you walk. The cleaning and dab tools are well stored in the mesh pocket. The rest sit on the main bag compartment.

The bag is small enough to either carry using one hand or throw it in a more oversized bag. That is where it’s a suiting travel package. For more effortless opening and closing, there are double zippers on the bag. Well, what else would you want from such an excellent packing idea?

It’s easy to walk with while keeping your activities low-key. The only people who will know what you are carrying are fellow Waxmaid fans.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

The portable dab rig does not need much to get it running. Once you have the package, just assemble the parts starting with fixing the honeycomb percolator on the electric unit. Next, fill the glass container with water and then close it.

Proceed to fix the mouthpiece and then the atomizer parts. Load some concentrates at the top and close down with the wax carb. Ensure you put the belt around the atomizer lid and the carb cap for the latter holding purposes.

After that, it’s all about the hits. The button to turn the Waxmaid Ares is on the side, and it’s the same one you can use to switch between the two temperature modes. Loading the dab rig only needs you to take out the top wax cap.




Get the octopus bag and fix some load using the dab tool. Close down, power on, choose your temperature mode, and keep getting the hits. That’s it. The cleaning process is also not a major task since there tools for that.

The cleaning brush and the Q-tips can work on the atomizer and the top part. Better cleanup is achieved by using the brush, which can also go to the mouthpiece connector. The mouthpiece and glass container are dishwasher safe.


You can put a mixture of 70% alcohol with salt into the container and shake for a thorough cleaning when you have time. That’s all. As you use it, there is an auto-sleep mode to turn it off in case you forgot.

That is what guards the charge that will continue to give you sixty hits before the next recharge. Lastly, you don’t need to worry about the torches since it carries its lighting energy. That’s why it’s the best portable dab rig you can possess.


Waxmaid went to great strengths to build such a portable dab rig. It’s worth the cost considering the size and how far and high it can allow you to go with little maintenance. By carrying its energy source and having a bag to keep everything, it’s the dab rig you will want to take anywhere.

There is a user manual to guide on the best ways to use it. Further, it will be delivered to you within days of ordering, and you have a 90-day warranty from Waxmaid for any issues that pop up after the purchase. 

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