The British Hemp Alliance Launches New Survey: The Great British CBD Consumer Survey 2021 – Synthetic vs Plant


Here’s  what they say……

With the upcoming changes due to the implementation of novel foods regulation, and to gather data up to date consumer preference we are launching the great British CBD consumer survey of 2021.

Novel foods licensing for CBD products will see synthetic cannabinoids entering the food supply for the first time in the UK with no labelling requirement to differentiate from natural plant produced.

We believe consumers deserve to be informed of what they are putting into their bodies.

We understand that novel foods products will be licensed based on their safety evaluation, but just as a consumer has the right to choose organic produce over conven8onally grown, the same should apply to natural plant based, verses synthetically produced cannabinoid containing products.

The initial feedback from our related businesses consumer base/members, is a strong preference to have ‘synthetic’ stated on the label to allow for an ethical choice.

Many consumers are not aware that synthe8c CBD is about to enter the food supply and assume all CBD is derived from the hemp plant.

We intend to present the results to Food standards Authority, and Food Standards Scotland aNer consumers share their views on this issue.


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