The NYC & Hudson Valley Cannabis Industry Association Publish Policy Papers


Here’s a quick overview and links to the 7 papers that they have published covering a gamut of issues from equity to e-commerce and everything in between

Over the next week we will highlight each paper with a short precis but if you’d like to start digging in now here’s all the information to get you going.

There will, over the next month be an avalance of information , misguided information and mis-information on the nascent NY market.

Both the  NYCCIA and HVCIA  have decades of experience in their ranks and we’d suggest should be a first port of call on policy discussions when looking at the soon to be legalized / regulated NY Cannabis & Hemp market



The NYCCIA-HVCIA Policy Prospectus:
A Collection Of Reports From The Cannabis Industry
On Critical Policies For A Successful Legal Marketplace

On the eve of New York finally entering the world of legalized adult-use cannabis, the NYCCIA and HVCIA proudly offer our Policy Prospectus.  This collection, authored by our members and special advisors, is a must-read for all stakeholders, because we outline what must be done right to create a sustainable market and we identify pitfalls that must be avoided based on hard lessons from other legalized states.  Click on the following links for our in-depth policy analyses and statements:

The NYCCIA and HVCIA welcome anyone interested in working together with other industry participants (both established, and aspiring) to help to formulate policy, to establish meaningful relationships, and to help New York become a model legal, equitable, and sustainable cannabis marketplace.


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