The impact of Virginia’s new proposed hemp restrictions

Virginia Senate Bill 903 limiting THC content of hemp products awaits Gov. Youngkin’s signature.

A 2018 federal law allowed hemp to be grown, chemically altered, and turned into products containing THC. THC is the compound that can get you high and is also used for pain relief.

Last Friday, Virginia lawmakers passed Senate Bill 903. The vote was 78-14 in the House of Delegates and 22-18 in the Senate. It limits all hemp products to only 2 milligrams of THC per package, far lower than most products carried in Virginia stores.

While holding up a bag of THC-infused hemp tea, District Hemp Botanical owner Barbara Biddle, with two stores in Virginia, said, “This is a tea right here specifically formulated to help with sleep. This is great for people that just need help with sleep sporadically. You know, they brew a tea they drink it before bedtime. It’s a very easy way to administer CBD. This has 3.96 milligrams of THC and the entire package; this will become illegal. I would get a $10,000 fine if I sold this to anybody in Virginia from my stores. So products like these products, like this honey, some edibles, they’ll all be gone. I’d say about 90% of my store would be gone because of the bill.”


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