The Marijuana Education Initiative

Marijuana Education Initiative is a fascinating set of courses focusing on the education of youth regarding marijuana use.

Available are classroom curriculum as well as eLearning Modules at reasonable prices.

The focus, according to the website, is to provide educational tools for those working with elementary through high school students.

Courses cover vaping, the impact of marijuana on the developing brain, and marijuana in the workplace, among others.

The creators are in Colorado and are educators.

I received a Free Trial and perused the program. It is easy to use and is pleasantly interactive. It is out of date in terms of some legalization regulation but that is not a huge deficit. In the courses that I reviewed, where supporting data appeared references were clearly cited.

According to the creators, the courses warn students of the effects of marijuana use (sometimes harmful) in order to balance the mixed messages regarding the cannabis plant as “medicine” and “natural”. There is definitely a place for this form of education, and this is a useful, age-appropriate product without being too preachy.

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