The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission Issues Order To Allow Medical Cannabis Providers To “Support The Medical Supply Chain”

April 7, 2020 The(Massachusetts) Cannabis Control Commission (Commission) issued an amended cease and desist order pursuant to the Baker Administration’s extended stay-at-home advisory and emergency order that will enable certain Marijuana Establishments (ME) and Colocated Marijuana Operations (CMO) to support the medical supply chain.

The amended order became effective at 12 p.m. on Tuesday, April 7 and lasts until at least 12 p.m. on Monday, May 4 unless otherwise extended, amended, or rescinded. The update acknowledges the ongoing non-essential status of adult-use cannabis operations and essential status of medical-use operations under the Administration’s order. Additionally, it cites the 158% increase in patient applications and more than 30 telehealth certification waivers the Medical Use of Marijuana Program has received since the essential services order was first issued on March 23.

Following a series of bulletins issued since March 13 to assist licensees with ensuring, preserving, and promoting public health within their facilities during the COVID-19 state of emergency, the new order takes the Commission’s commitment to safety another step further. Licensees will now be required to notify the Commission of an employee work-related illness resulting in a confirmed COVID-19 case. Agents who believe they are working in unsafe conditions or must continue working when non-essential may file a complaint with the Commission with subject line “COVID-19 Agent Complaint.” Complaints may be submitted anonymously.

Please click on the links below to view the amended cease and desist order and an updated bulletin to MEs.

Amended Cease and Desist Order
Get Commission Updates on COVID-19

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