The Most Californian of Californian Cannabis Attorneys ?

We love Shalina Kaur Pannu and her launching of her own cannabis practice.

Who’d have thought only a few years ago in the fuddy duddy world of law you could advertise your legal practice with a photo that looks like something out of a vogue shoot and at the same time be smoking a healthy looking joint.

Great to see that law and lawyers can reflect different realities in 2020 and it isn’t just overweight men in gray suits.

We wish Ms Pannu the best of luck and look forward to seeing all the cannabis attorneys at bigger firms step out of the zone into something a bit more like this.

Just a little bit about me to get you acquainted.

I’m a newly admitted attorney in the State of California and my chief focus is in Cannabis Law. [Click here for a list of all legal services].

My journey into Cannabis Law began in 2016 while in law school. Before cannabis became legal in California in November 2016, I knew in my gut I was going to enter into Cannabis Law once I became an attorney, even though Cannabis Law wasn’t a “thing” back then.

The following year while still in law school, I created “Shal We Toke?” a place where I have been able to share my extensive knowledge, passion, and love for cannabis with the world.

Through “Shal We Toke?” I’ve attended numerous cannabis events in multiple legalized states and have had the pleasure of connecting with industry trailblazers along the way. This exposure has given me an unprecedented insight into the cannabis industry that most don’t get access to.

Now in 2020, I’m thankfully able to merge both my legal knowledge and love for cannabis into one.

As a Cannabis Attorney, I want nothing more than to help bring a person(s) or a company’s vision to light.


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