The NY & Hudson Valley Cannabis Industry Association(s) Present Their Personal Cultivation, Equity, and Cannabis Markets: Creating an Ideal Cannabis Regulatory Structure

Anybody following the bills will know that Cuomo was baulking at personal cultivation but it appears as though Kruger got him over the line earlier this week

The  WSJ reports  “New Yorkers will be allowed to cultivate marijuana for personal use” and according to the Times “according to details obtained by The New York Times. It would also allow a person to cultivate up to six marijuana plants at home, indoors or outdoors, for personal use.”

Obviously there’s the hurdle of legislators voting the way they are expected to still to come!

Here is  the NY & Hudson Valley Cannabis Industry Association(s) policy paper on personal cultivation issues

As we have done previously first come the key points of the policy document and then the document in full as a pdf


Personal Grow Legislation

  • Promotes equity
  • Promotes support industries
  • Meaningful way to support lower socio economic cannabis patients without access to  unregulated market
  • Reduce use of opiates
  • Reduce law enforcement and subsequent issues
  • Reduce unregulated industrial indoor urban grows
  • Provide framework for building best practice
  • Sensible plant number rules & regs fosters balance in regulated market
  • Creates proper channels of communication between landlord & tenant on the issue
  • Improves public education
  • Complies with COLE & Federal memos as they currently stand

Here at CLR we’d also add that the document states between the lines that gardening  just makes for happier people !

Whether it be beets, cannabis, tomatoes, cacti, herbs or flowers people are generally happier when they are gardening. What better hobby post pandemic that rushing down to the new cannabis dispensary and spending your hard earned cash with a company that’s industrialized the process.






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