The Portugal News Op-Ed: It’s time Portugal: Legalise it

The voices appear to be growing louder for moving forward from decriminalization to legalization in Portugal

This is one instance where Portugal should follow America’s economically progressive lead on marijuana legalization.

In 2000, Portugal introduced Drug Law 30/2000 which saw to the decriminalization of all drugs, from heroin to marijuana, and instituted a policy that changed the possession and use of illegal substances from a criminal one to an administrative one based on an issue related solely to public health care.

The results of this law have been positive on all levels from a law enforcement point of view to a better understanding of drug use and addiction regarding the welfare of individuals and Portuguese society as a whole. It has pushed Portugal to the forefront of progressive drug policy within the larger framework of the EU and is being viewed as an exemplary model for other countries to follow

However, as innovatively positive as DL 30/2000 has proved to be, it classifies all drugs under one umbrella as being the same in their effects on individuals, their habit-forming qualities, and their impact on society. This notion couldn’t be farther from the truth when it comes to the use of marijuana as opposed to the incredibly damaging effects of heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, opioids, and alcohol for instance with their highly physical addictive qualities and their well-documented history of destroying families, jobs, and lives.

Within the vast documentation and medical research of marijuana, it has never remotely been found to contribute to the results that other forms of more harmful drugs have had on society and individuals. On the contrary, marijuana is now being recommended for its medical benefits by clinical experts in addition to being used recreationally by doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, academics, as well as other professionals as a healthier alternative substance for relaxation and enjoyment.



DL 30/2000





Law No. 30/2000

Publication: Diário da República no. 276/2000, Series IA of 2000-11-29
  •  Issuer:Assembly of the Republic
  •  Diploma Type:Law
  •  Number:30/2000
  •  Pages:6829 – 6833
  •  ELI:
 PDF version: Download

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