The Psychedelic Bar Association Announces Its Mission

This is what they are saying


Serve a diverse network of lawyers committed to the highest standards of professionalism in the emerging psychedelic ecosystem. 

Provide education, coalition-building, and community, with a focus on honing expertise in the psychedelic field. 

Empower members to help shape and steward the legal, political, and sacred contexts of psychedelics and all drugs toward justice, reciprocity, and equity.

Our work is grounded in a collective practice and embodiment of our North Star Principles.



We envision a world where psychedelic organizations, businesses, healers, and leaders have access to a network of lawyers operating from the highest standards of excellence and ethical considerations. We see the Psychedelic Bar Association contributing to the creation of a world where safe, legal access to psychedelics brings healing, equity and justice for all.




As an attorney serving the psychedelics field, I pledge to take concrete steps to:

Start Within. Ground my practice of law with work on myself, and to treat personal growth and evolution of the profession as a lifelong process.

Study the Traditions.  Educate myself on the social, legal, and political history of psychedelics, their many traditions of use, and the forces behind their prohibition.

Build Trust and Act with Integrity.  Foster trust in my relationships across the psychedelic ecosystem by speaking and acting with integrity, and repair trust where necessary and possible.

Appreciate the Gravity.  Take responsibility for and appreciate that the choices I make as a lawyer reverberate to influence the legal and ethical norms shaping the psychedelic field.

Elevate the Process.  Make the process I engage in when representing clients as important as the business or legal outcome, letting the future I hope to see guide the approach I take in getting there.

Pursue Equality and Justice.  Actively examine my own conditioning and to take steps to undo patterns of systemic racism and injustice.

Engage in Abundant Reciprocity.  Actively participate in the flourishing of the psychedelic ecosystem by understanding and engaging in sacred reciprocity, approaching personal gain with an attitude of abundance and generosity over that of scarcity and hoarding, and taking concrete steps to give as much as I take.


They add

With this groundwork in place, we are thrilled to welcome you into the Psychedelic Bar Association. We have a lot to do and are excited to hit the ground running this summer. We are now starting to form committees to cover the ethics, practice, and patterns of the legal ecosystem – as well as the operations of the PBA itself – and we would love to have your support.

To participate in committees, you will need to participate in an orientation (you can think of it as a mini-initiation!). We will be hosting our first gatherings on the following two dates:

  • Wednesday, May 19 at 9am PT/12pm ET
  • Wednesday, June 2 at 1pm PT/4pm ET

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