The Psychedelic Times Listing Of Notable Events For 2021

Here’s the list they’ve put together for forthcming events in 2021


Psychedelic Events


January 6: Drug Policy: From Illegal To Medical (Online)

January 6: Health Care Professionals and Psychedelics (Online)

January 13: Endocannabinoid Medicine: A Gateway to Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy (Online)

January 13: Drug Policy: Future of the War on Drugs (Online)

January 20: Nutt Uncut: Conversation with Professor David Nutt (United Kingdom)

January 26: On Shamanic Tools for Reclaiming Wholeness in a Culture of Trauma (Online)

January 30-31: Student Psychedelic Conference (Online)

January 30-31: Exploring Deep Liberation and Shamanic Tools for Authenticity(Online)

February 8: UK Psyculture: Dancing with our Ancestors (Online)

February 11: Exploring 5-MeO-DMT: Therapeutic Potential, Ethics and the Shadow (Online)

March 10: Why Med-Tech Firms, Venture Capitalists and Bankers Are Investing in Psychedelic Medicine (Online)

March 24: Psilocybin vs. SSRIs? A Cure for Depression (Online)

March 25-27: NoCo Hemp Expo (Denver, CO, USA)

April: Canada and Psychedelics Research Conference (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

April 23-25: Sacred Plants in the Americas II (Online)

April 23-25: Spannibis (Barcelona, Spain)

April 28: Psilocybin-assisted Therapy for End-of-Life Distress (Online)

May 1-2: Meet Delic (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

August 20-21: Southern Hemp Expo (Nashville, TN, USA)

November 17-20: International Summit on Psychedelic Therapies for Mental Illness (Melbourne, Australia)

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